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Drop Hat Productions

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What's the secret to lasting brand impact?




At Drop Hat, we elevate content creation -- capturing ​meaningful brand stories, redefining creative identity, and ​delivering memorable client experiences that transform ​audiences to fuel next-level brand awareness and growth.

Our Brandlosophy


Inspiring Brand Breakthroughs

We ignite brand brilliance to unleash creative excellence and amplify impact while fueling engagement. By delivering remarkable experiences, we continuously push the limits of brand innovation and enhance influence.

Our expertise lies in reshaping brand frontiers and delivering unforgettable encounters. Whether it's for ambitious startups or renowned global corporations, we guide the art of storytelling across various markets, communication platforms, and technologies.

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Shaping Brand Legacies

We harness the power of people, purpose, and performance to creatively capture brand voice and vision for innovators, icons, and next-wave thinkers.

Through our commitment to dynamic inclusivity in communication, marketing, and DEI-driven initiatives, we offer strategic guidance to foster corporate cultures that spark vibrant brand legacies and impactful community connections.

Committed to unleashing

creative excellence

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Brand Origin Storytelling

Media + Press Relations

Content Creation

Brand Launches + Revamps

Creative Campaigns

Web + Social Integrations

Strategic Oversight

Data Intelligence + Optimization

CRM + Tech Integrations

Team Work Icon Design
Team Work Icon Design

Meet the Minds

@ Drop Hat

Stephanie Lewis

Founder + Chief Brand Officer

Brand Strategist, Creative Counsel + Partnerships

Clay Lewis

Chief Operating Officer

Operations, Growth + Development

Sara Kendrick

Social Media Strategist

Content, Creative + Brand Builds

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